To successfully scale the customer-driven engineering process everyone in your organization must take an active role in gaining insights into the customer experience. Customer-Driven Engineering (CDE) is a product development process and culture that has been cultivated within the Developer Division (DevDiv) at Microsoft; the division responsible for creating tools and services for software makers.


The Customer-Driven Culture and The Customer-Driven Playbook were written by team members in DevDiv and were published by O‚ÄôReilly Media. These books are provided to every employee in DevDiv. Together they represent the culture we’re building together and the product making playbook we use to build products our customers will love.

Books that outline our culture and product making process


To access printable materials and other resources used in our workshops, check out our Customer-Driven Workshop – Printouts package.

If you’re looking to share the Hypothesis Progression Framework with your team, download our PowerPoint presentation. It has all the visuals, animations, transitions, and notes you’ll need.